Meet ME: {Mel}issa Heap

Well hello there!  Melissa here.  Although most of my friends call me MEL.  Much easier.  So basically this is the DL on my life – I was born in Florida, but, as they say, I got to Texas as fast as I could.  I’ve been here for the majority of my life and I am proud to say I am a full-blooded Texan. 

I attended the one and only University of Texas, and, let’s be honest, I LOVED IT!  While I was in college (I still feel weird saying that) I spent most of my time taking pictures, crafting, and procrastinating on doing my schoolwork (whoops).  But it all worked out because I graduated Class of 2015 and could not be more excited to have launched into adulthood from in the best city in Texas.

My goal for this blog, as it always has been, is to be a creative outlet where I can share my photographs and thoughts, and to generally document life through my eyes.  I hope you like what you find here!

Thanks for stopping by!